Application area: Automated Transport Systems

Researcher in charge: Mladen Čičić

Supervisor: Karl Henrik Johansson

Host: Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan, Stockholm, Sweden

Secondments: Scania, Sweden and TNO, the Netherlands

The research focus of this project topic is on the design of efficient and scalable distributed control and planning algorithms for automated transport systems, with application to heavy-duty vehicle platoon coordination. A distributed architecture is often imposed on practical control systems, because a central decision maker with access to all plant information might be very complex and not possible to implement due to communication or computation constraints, or because of the demand for autonomy of the subsystems. The layered control systems architecture with vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication over multiple timescales offers a good framework for achieving distributed control and decentralized decision making for automated transport systems. Event-based control and estimation for multi-agent systems is also an important part of heavy duty vehicle platoon coordination, due to the ad-hoc nature of the inter-vehicle communication.

The researcher will continue the long-standing and fruitful cooperation between KTH and SCANIA, further developing the layered control of automated transport systems. The primary focus will be on the higher layers, developing methods in distributed control of CPS to regulate vehicle platoons and coordinate platoon merging, splitting and reordering in order to achieve optimal distributed control of transportation and traffic systems.

This research topic of this ESR is tightly connected to the research lines RL3, and RL5. We aim for a control and coordination law design that is aware of the underlying platform (RL3), and is distributed in its nature (RL5).