Application area: Robotics
Researcher in charge:
M. Hadi Balaghi I.
Prof. dr. ir. Maurice Heemels and Duarte Antunes

Host: Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
TU Munich, Siemens

In this research the main focus is to develop a decentralized strategy for event-triggered control. In contrast with the traditional periodic controllers, in event-triggered control sensor and control data are transmitted only if it is required, in order to reduce the communication and computational burden in the system. Over the past decade, many researchers contributed to the research field of ETC, but mainly considering a single centralized loop. However, the most interesting scenario where communication gains can be larger is the case of decentralized systems, where a large amount of different subsystems influence each other and there is a need to share their own information in order to control their behavior. The main contribution of this project is to extend the existing event-triggered controllers to decentralized systems.

Expected Contributions:

In the first stage, the applicability of the rollout/consistent and optimistic policies in the context of decentralized event-triggered control (DETC) with only two agents will be investigated. The main assumption here is synchronous communication between agents. Then, this DETC strategy should be generalized to systems with more agents. In the following, the assumption of synchronous communication will be relaxed and a DETC method with no global time reference will be pursued. The results of this research can be implemented on a group of robots communicating with each other in order to achieve a pre-specified goal in an environment. Finally, for real-time control applications, these high-level algorithms should be adopted to the current communication protocols.