Application area: Automotive, Platooning

Researcher in charge: Amr Mohammed Elshahawy Ibrahim

Supervisors: Prof. Twan Basten and Dr. Dip Goswami

Host: Technical University of Eindhoven

Secondments: Scania, Sweden and Ericsson Sweden.

ESR6 is working on communication-aware control algorithms and strategies for platooning applications taking into account the behaviour of the communication protocols (such as transmission rate, delay, packet drops, network congestion imposed by standards like IEEE 802.11p) and fusion of the sensing systems (such as usage of different types of state-of-the-art sensors and their reliability, speed, capacity, range etc.). The target research challenge is to safely allow for a lower inter-vehicle distance in the platoons as compared to the state-of-the-art techniques. This will open up the possibility of a higher fuel saving and efficient traffic management. The current research focus is on the design of multilayer multirate control algorithms on the platoon level, i.e. the controllers inside the vehicle that consider the imperfection in the wireless communication between vehicles and control the throttle and brake of the vehicles within a platoon.