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oCPS Industrialisation and Commercialisation Training

September 21, 2017 - September 22, 2017

21st  Sept 

09:00 Welcome and Introductions: Dave Marples

•  Purpose of the event

•  Intentions and Learning Objectives

•  Overview of the Speakers

•  Programme for the two days and thereafter

Purpose of the two days: To get researchers to realise that there’s a heck of a lot more to delivering a product

than just the Research & Development and that a lot of co-ordinated roles, and planning, are needed.

Basically, if they come out of this understanding that NPI is a team effort, then the training is a success.

The speakers have all been selected because of their background in different, complementary, parts of this process;

  • Peter Cochrane: Involved in all aspects of the product development process at some point in his career,
  • understands the role technology takes in stimulating NPI and has a fundamental interest in technology.
  • John Richardson: Has led sizeable teams developing many successful new products.
  • Hugh Buckley: Has supported organisations big and small through fundamental internal change
  • precipitated by the emergence of new product technologies.
  • Ernie Richardson: Has provided the finance for disruptive technology product innovation throughout his career, and understands which ingredients are necessary from the outset for success, and which can be added along the journey.

09:30 Keynote : Peter Cochrane OBE

  • Future Health & Care, Big data and Future Wireless Technologies

Current healthcare models (especially hospital & residential care) are not sustainable or, for that matter, particularly healthy for the patient in the light of spiralling costs, ageing populations, superbugs and ever increasing treatment options. New technologies in sensing, communications and processing/analytics promise a future in which the hospital becomes the co-ordination hub for a network of distributed, individualised monitoring, support and treatment capabilities rather than the place you go when you’re sick. This talk will be wide ranging, and will focus on new technologies, blue sky and what-ifs.

Intention of this presentation is to throw a stone a long way out into the pond and to provide a far-point for product innovators to aspire to.

10:30 Break

11:00 John Richardson, (ex) Engineering Manager, GPT

  • The problem of being ahead of the market (Lessons learned from HomeStyle)

Innovation is all very well, but only if your market is ready for it. Engineering history is littered with products that were so far ahead of their time they simply didn’t get market traction. HomeStyle was one such example. In this talk John will present what HomeStyle was and the different competences required in the overall team to deliver it (Engineering, PR, Planning & Logistics, Marketing etc. etc.).

Intention of this presentation is to stop the students from automatically following the stone all the way out into the pond, because they will probably drown.

12:00 Lunch

22nd  Sept

09:00 Proposal Development : 3 Rooms Required

The three teams will each work independently on the development of their proposition to Stonethrow.

The students will be working together and will learn the need for collaboration, co-ordination and independent work to meet the brief within the timescale (e.g. two or three working on the product concept, one on the finance, one on the competition, one on the Marketing and Slide Deck). Hugh, Dave and John will co-ordinate together to throw enough guidance in to make sure each team ends up with something broadly aligned in terms of size and ambition…the intention is for them to learn, not to have winners and losers.

10:00-11:30 Client consultations

Each team will have a strict 25 minute audience with the client during which time they are welcome to ask questions, bounce ideas around and generally clarify things.

The students need to get the idea that they are teaming with their client, but are also continually being assessed by them…by all means they should be bouncing ideas off the client, but they should be continually trying to impress them too. NPI is, effectively, about selling as much as it is about technology….if you can’t sll what you’re proposing, it won’t ever get built.

12:30 (strict) Slide deck handed in for client presentation

Handed in at this point to prevent ‘little edits’ by each team in the light of earlier teams presentations.

12:30 Lunch


25 minute Client Pitch from first team (selected randomly)

25 minute client pitch from second team (selected randomly)

25 minute client pitch from third team (selected randomly)

15:00 Break

Winning consultancy selected and placed in sealed envelope by Stonethrow Executives

15:30 Feedback and open discussion from Stonethrow and the mentors

16:30 Announcement of Phase 1 winner

16:45 Brief for Phase 2 : Project Plan

Each of the consultancies will be asked to develop a document which represents an overall plan for the execution of the project including sections on Design Alternatives, Product Target Specification, Design Plan, Outline Quality Plan, Business Plan and the Project Plan itself.

No matter what technical life the students chose, they will have to produce documents of this sort throughout it.

They will also have to learn to collaborate remotely to produce such things. This activity is intended to provide them with an exercise in doing that in the context of an industrial New Product Introduction.


Speaker Bios

Prof. Peter Cochrane OBE

Peter is an internationally sought after guru who invests his time and money as an agent of change. Renowned for his out of the box thinking, he is an advisor and consultant to companies and governments, the author of blogs, articles and books on technology, business and managing rapid change. With over 40 years of technology and operational experience, Peter has been involved in the creation and transformation of corporations. His BT career saw him progress to CTO with teams engaged in optical fiber, fixed and mobile networks, artificial life and healthcare, through to war gaming, eCommerce, and business modeling.

Peter has also spent time as an educator and was appointed Professor for the Public Understanding of Science & Technology @ Bristol (1998). He received the Queen’s Award for Innovation & Export (1990), numerous Honorary Doctorates and was awarded an OBE (1999) for his contribution to international communications.

Ernie Richardson

Ernie Richardson is a highly experienced advisor and investor in the private equity tech space. Previously Managing Partner of venture capital firm MTI Ventures (www.mtiventures.com), Ernie is a graduate chemical engineer and chartered management accountant with extensive experience in finance and general management positions. His career has included periods in the Chemicals Industry and International Banking with the Royal Bank of Canada. Before joining MTI in 1985 Ernie was the Chief Financial Officer in a $5 million start-up venture in the oil processing sector.

At MTI he was responsible for several of MTI’s most successful transactions and became Managing Partner in 2003, and was actively involved in much of MTI’s fund raising activity; with 6 institutional funds over 20 years.

Since leaving MTI he continues to be involved in early stage investing as an NED and investor / advisor / consultant. Ernie works as a non-exec with Foresight Group (www.foresightgroup.eu) chairing three funds focussing on the waste / recycling sector, and with speciality chemicals group Thomas Swan Chemical Company (www.thomas-swan.co.uk).

Ernie is active in a number of industry bodies and is a regular media commentator on the early stage and technology space and speaks regularly at industry conferences on these topics.

Prof. Dave Marples

Dave is an Engineer with extensive experience gained throughout a career working for a number of leading international organisations and cross industry initiatives. He retains hands-on skills while simultaneously possessing an understanding of academic, commercial and scientific environments. He has experience of leading industry consortia and works across all levels of a business; at the board and with venture capitalists; directing a multi-skilled team of engineers; or even practical engineering, where his special interest is Embedded Systems. Has earned a reputation throughout his career as a dependable and credible expert in low current digital electronics and software, with a particular emphasis on audio, telecommunications services, automotive, networks and protocols. Has been involved with the precursors of the ‘IoT’ since the early 2000s, with Home Networking and Networked Appliances, OSGi and GST.

He has made significant contributions on an international stage across multiple fields throughout career, with more than forty publications (including books and book chapters), more than fifteen international patents and Fellowships of the OSGi and the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. He is a PENTA Technical Expert Group Member, a Honorary Professor at Stirling University and a representative to ITS-UK General Council. He is employed as Chief Scientist of Technolution BV of Gouda, NL.



September 21, 2017
September 22, 2017


Eindhoven University of Technology
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Eindhoven, 5612 AJ Netherlands
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