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Teaching and Supervision

October 24, 2017 - October 26, 2017

3-day course Teaching & Supervising

Dear participants,

We’re pleased to welcome you on the 3day course on learning, teaching and assessment at the Tue at the end of October. In this document, we’ll give you a short overview of the learning objectives and subjects that we will be addressing.

For each day, you also have to prepare something in advance. In the table below you can find the instructions for these assignments.

The course will take place at the TUe in Eindhoven from 24 till 26th of October at the LUNA building room 1.042. The theme of the first day is “learning”, the second days’ theme is “supervising” and the last days’ theme is “teaching and assessment”.

Samara L&O is the company that is providing this course. Marije Markus will be your teacher on the first and last day. She is an educational psychologist and a teacher for courses on learning/ teaching at the TUe and she’s also advising teams on curriculum (re)design at different universities in the Netherlands.

Mirelle Voskes will be teaching the second day on supervising. She is an educational psychologist and certified supervisor at a university of applied sciences in Nijmegen, the Netherlands and teaches students as well as directors of primary schools in the Netherlands.

We are really looking forward to meeting you and teaching this 3day course. If you have any questions or specific learning goals you want to address, please let us know so we can customize the course on your needs.

Best Regards,

Marije Markus and Mirelle Voskes.

You can reach us at marije@samara.nl


Learning objectives

Day 1 Learning

The learning objectives of day 1 is as follows:

  • Participants experience the difference between teaching, education and deeper learning and understanding.
  • Participants can create their own lesson plan in which they activate students to be engaged in deeper learning processes.
  • Participants experience different styles of activating learning from their colleagues.

Theories and concepts that are being discussed are the learning styles, activating learning tools, theory of social constructivism and deep learning.

Day 2 Supervising

The learning objectives of day 2 are:

  • Participants know their role, tasks and responsibilities in supervising students
  • Participants learn to know their own preference style for supervising
  • Participants know how motivation influences learning
  • Participants experience and share on obstacles that can occur while supervising

Day 3 Teaching

The learning objectives of day 3 are:

  • Participants get to know the different types of lessons at university’s
  • Participants know how to assess and use an assessment model
  • Participants learn different forms of inquiry in teaching
  • Participants learn to create a lesson with the use of the formative assessment cycle.

Overall learning goals:

  • Creating awareness on the difference between deep learning and education and their role in learning and education at the university.
  • Knowing how to encourage, activate and engage the learning process by students.
  • Knowing how to assess and use the assessment criteria for making a transparent and reasoned discussion in grading.

In the following table the subjects including the assignments are shown.


Tuesday Wednesday       Thursday
Marije Markus Mirelle Voskes       Marije Markus
Learning Supervising       Teaching
·       Learning Cycles

·       Learning Styles

·       Lesson plans

·       Motivation to learn

·       Education

·       Methods

·       Activate learning by

·    Supervising master students

·     Phasing

·    Supervision styles

·    Supervision and assessing

·    Motivation

·      Inquiry

·      Teach a subject

·      How to reach learning goals

·      How to assess

·      Constructive alignment

·      Formative assessment cycle

·      Grading

·      Evaluation

Assignment  Assignment  Assignment
You have to give a short activating lesson of 10 minutes. Prepare yourself on teaching this short lesson. Bring your lesson plan on printed paper. Bring the assessment criteria for master students.

If you have any, bring your personal question on supervising.

Bring a test and test model
You are about to teach a group of motivated students on your subject of your Phd thesis. You have 10 minutes. Create a lesson that activates. Consider the following questions:

·       With what concepts are your students leaving the lesson?

·       What question are they still thinking about when leaving the lesson?

·       What action will they undertake after your lesson?

·       How are you going to achieve the above?

·       How will you really know if you’d achieved the above?

·       Describe your plan in an action scheme.

·       Be prepared to execute this plan during the course.

It’s a short lesson, so make sure to focus on a few or 1 main message.

Bring the assessment criteria for master students in your department.


State your personal questions regarding supervising students.

Bring a test or assessment your students get and also the model in which your department describes the pass/ fail criteria.



October 24, 2017
October 26, 2017


Eindhoven University of Technology
De Zaale
Eindhoven, 5612 AJ Netherlands
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