2019 8th oCPS Fall School on Multidisciplinary CPS Design

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 28 – 31 October 2019

Many modern industrial systems fall in the realm of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) because of the tight interaction between computation, communication and control elements (the cyber part), and physical processes such as motion, heating/cooling, vibration, wear and tear (the physical part) within these systems. Traditional design methods involve multiple, often isolated, design phases involving different disciplines (mechanical, electrical, communication, control and software engineering). The oCPS Fall School focuses on the multidisciplinary aspects of CPS design with speakers and experts from various disciplines focusing on various application domains.

Specific focus points:  

  • Model-driven design and performance analysis
  • Security challenges in CPS
  • Networked and distributed CPS
  • Learning techniques in CPS
  • Data-intensive CPS
  • Industrial model predictive control (MPC)
  • Platform-awareness and self-awareness in CPS

The presentations will cover applications domains ranging from flexible manufacturing, automotive and platooning, and smart imaging to smart grids.