The oCPS Fall School is organized as a part of the oCPS Marie Curie ITN. The speakers include early staged researchers (ESRs) trained under the oCPS program for their doctoral study as well as renowned scientists from all over the world in various CPS topics. The senior speakers will cover wider views on CPS design aspects (mostly) in longer sessions. The oCPS ESRs will present and demonstrate the key results of their doctoral study in various aspects of CPS design. The sessions will be in the form of long and short presentations, poster sessions, and demonstrations spread over 4 days. Participants are welcome to present during poster sessions and demonstrations on any relevant CPS topic. See  the registration procedure for further details.

This oCPS Fall School on Multidisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems Design is the 9th edition of a series of PhD schools:

7th oCPS Summer School on Cyber-Physical Systems